On my most recent trip to see CFC I was lucky enough to be part of a live football forum on the 18:00 fast train out of Kings + en route to Peterborough where it seems many London teams fans converge when making their way to the Big City to follow their particular team.

# On that point what city in the WORLD can boast SIX teams in their top league? – Not Birmingham, not Manchester no, not Rio, not Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Montevideo, Santiago, Lima, Washington, Mexico City and certainly not Barcelona or Madrid…

… Well on the 18:00 out of Kings + there were QPR, Spurs and Blues fans all playing in the same city on the same afternoon and on all on the same train – while West Ham were playing up at Anfield, Fulham were at Newcastle and Arsenal had the day off – Unique football city !!!  Well at the bar gathered around Heineken’s, Stella’s, Costa’s, Glasses of wine, stood this particular rag-tag bag of footie fans, out of White Hart Lane and Stamford Bridge, and a most interesting open forum ensued.

Matters for debate included ‘recent form’, Champions League qualification, the possibility of a Europa League Spurs/Chelsea final in Amsterdam and eventually progressed to ‘JT, Lampard and England’, ‘the best centre back in England’ and hovered constantly around ‘what it means to be a fan’ including ‘Rafa’s future’, ‘AVB then and now’ and nitty gritties like ‘Spurs and their ‘Jewish’ tradition’ and ‘the future of Stamford Bridge’ – The conversation was dynamic, informed, honest and emotive and I could not but marvel afresh as to just how well ‘the fan’ knows their club and what ‘is best’ for the team and their progress and how much Mr Daniel Levy and Mr Roman A – aka all football chairmen would benefit from experiencing similar open forums.

Having worked in Retail for nearly 40 years, with 3 shops of my own, I can say hand-on-my-heart you can learn as much from your customers as anyone there is, about your trade…. Listen to the ‘buzz’ on the street chairmen of the board…. In the pubs matchday, around the ground and on the stadium concourse before the game and you will lean a lot and then you can make your big decisions. … and the current ‘buzz’ says there is only one man for the ‘hot seat’ at the Bridge this summer…. the knowledgeable CFC fan says José has to come back, take up the mantle and carry on where he left off … José has the un-feenished busyness … even if its not for 10 or 20 José must finish this chapter … José José José Mourinho !!!

Tuesday 20;53 09.04.2013

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