“Whose Poisoned The Water-Hole?”

at Stamford Bridge

Listening to the bitter, disappointed, miserable Chelsea fans on the Radio this morning. Complaining about this, complaining about that … I think to myself, nothing changed there then?

I remember standing with my mate at Stamford Bridge, by the ‘Boys’ Bovril Entrance, 50 years ago where the fans stood with their grey coat collars pulled up round their mouths unable to muffle their grey, grave voices as the atmosphere turned gloomy and sad whenever we went a goal behind or talented young players like Hollins, Tambling, Bridges or Venables skied a chance over the bar or made a poor pass. The nucleus of that team came through the youth scheme and had previously won the FA Youth Cup. They would go on to become legends of Stamford Bridge. At 11 years of age and smitten with new young Chelsea, we thought those fans were miserable and grumpy and we called those Chelsea supporters ‘the moaners’. I’m sure they or their ghosts are still there, hovering over our pitch, they are probably founder members of the Chelsea Pitch Owners.


That team was one of the most exciting of our history and the club were undergoing a major revolution as they tried to compete in the renaissance of the great game that was taking place in those ‘swinging’ sixties but it went over the heads of most of those ‘died in the wool’ blues fans unable to grasp the bigger picture, incapable of getting behind the team and show encouragement during difficult moments.

This morning Chelsea sit in 3rd place in the English Premier League and Chelsea are current holders of the European Champions League, the English FA Cup and the FA Youth Cup. Chelsea FC have won more trophies than any other PL team in the past 10 years, while on the pitch are assembled some of the finest young midfield talent in the world playing alongside a squad which cost our owner millions. Despite this, certain supposed Chelsea fans, happy to enjoy the many celebrations since Roman took over, now gripe and moan, complain and boo. How do those same ‘fans’ think that makes young men from Brazil, Belgium, Spain and Eastern Europe feel as they step out to ‘entertain’ the crowd on a freezing night in London? Do those same young men even understand this ridiculous, irrational hatred towards their manager?

Chelsea’s season is in danger of going down the toilet. Defeat in Swansea or in the FA Cup will commit us to one of the most disappointing for years and still Chelsea fans turn up to watch the big match with a negative attitude, to moan and boo and chant.


It costs me nigh on £110 to travel to the Bridge and watch a game and at least 13 hours of my day. I’m sorry but I don’t put in that kind of commitment to sit next to a misery or to spend the evening listening to booing, chanting or people chuntering on about Rafa Benitez because he once managed Liverpool or to complain about the ‘mess’ Roman has made of the so-called successful pre-Abramovich club full of debts and ageing stars. Call me old-fashioned but I go to the football to be entertained and to support my team and personally I have appreciated what Roman has done for the club. 

No, someone has poisoned the water-hole at Stamford Bridge and for me it’s been like that for a very long time … I for one am not surprised that Pep Guardiola has looked at our club and has given us a very wide berth and that is on quite a few levels. It’s time for Chelsea fans to show some basic support for the team and also acknowledgement and appreciation for the man who has brought so much success to our club and I believe still carries a dream. ~ A dream to make us the best team in the world, playing the best football and playing in the best stadium. Come on blues fans; Chelsea pitch owners can you get behind the team and the owner and let the manager do his best for our club!!!


 (dreamcatchers required @ Stamford Bridge)

… I have a dream …

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