CHELSEA – ACTUALLY TOO NAIVE !! (Dark Arts?!* .. . Been Watching Too Much Game of Thrones)

Found BLOGGING on ‘the Blues’ a little tricky for a few months now. There hasn’t seemed much ‘fresh’ to say and really I hate to join in with the usual media-driven debates over this and that, which we all get far too taken up with anyway. I literally hate the media at present and agree wholeheartedly with all of Jose’s conspiracy theories.

My thoughts on ‘the blues’ would probably just seem like more negative mumblings from within, which for a team sitting on top of the most competitive ‘top’ league in the world just seems ungrateful and spiteful from yet another spoilt brat, plastic flag-waving, tourist supporter.

So I’ve kept relatively quiet, contenting myself with 140 character ramblings via my Twitter account : @edenbray : but today I’ve felt the general feeling around the Premier League, overwhelmed as it is, for once, by universal disappointment over failure in Europe and emerging sheepishly from a dark euro-tunnel with a feeling of abject resignation due to a prevailing depression shared by all football fans other than ‘blues’, is that Chelsea’s 5th Championship win is pretty much a formality.

So I’m roused from my slumber, to state categorically that there is no ‘true’, non-tourist, dyed-in-the-wool, ‘blues’ follower who does not know that even if we were 12 points clear right now – that the Premiership is definitely not yet in the bag!

I’m saying this before the media circus surround us like wild hyenas yelping and laughing hysterically while taunting and questioning us, because as we all know, we are NOT firing on all cylinders, otherwise we would be in the hat for Champions League 1/4’s and would be at least that other 4-6 points nearer to the Title we crave so much.

Fabregas, Costa, Ivanovic, Cahill, Matic, Oscar and even the mercurial Eden Hazard are not playing at their best. Week after week lately – JT, Coutinhos, Zouma, Azpilicueta, Ramires and even the waspish Willian (don’t even talk about the uninspiring Cuadrado) are having to make up the slack. We desperately need a good ‘team’ performance and that will not have gone unnoticed by our new brooding, wiser, more cautious and under-pressure boss. 

What concerns me is that we are consistently naive and walk into serious danger with our eyes wide open almost like ‘the blues’ under Luiz Felipe Scolari and so unlike the ‘nousy’ all-lads-together Chelsea who went all the way to Munich and won it.

The ironic thing is that before Ibrahimovic’s’ red card that wasn’t, I actually believe we were underplaying the gamesmanship card. We don’t take the ball into corners, waste time taking throw-ins or unduly surround referees, despite the general consensus, a popular myth perpetuated by Sky and the evil messrs. Carragher and Sounness. Not many surrounded the ref during the infamous Burnley game and look how that helped us.  How many times this season have Chelsea players, especially Hazard, just got up and got on with it?

When we do dive, we only illustrate how poor our players are at play-acting – consider Ivanovic, Cahill etc, proving for me at least, that the nasty ‘Mourinho dark arts’ accusation is the biggest pile of horse-shit since last years Grand National! Maybe this is why it is Chelsea who are top of the non-penalty league this year with just 2 given so far and maybe our naivety is simply down to too many Brazilian-type players in the squad.

Chelsea can win the title but we will still need to produce 2/3 good wins in games against ARSENAL, LIVERPOOL AND MAN. UNITED to make it sure and we need to show a lot more wily coyote ‘savvy’ to get over the line.


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