I was there on another of those baking hot days, standing just by the Bovril entrance with me’ mate. It was ’65 i think, we were playing Tottenham and the crowd was packed tighter than Gina Lollabridgada’s dress. So tight, small kids were passed over the crowd by a sea of hands, like a human conveyor belt till they reached the front and they were allowed to sit around the touch-line and watch the match safely…. Brilliant! Human ingenuity and common sense won the day! No boring bureaucracy or police intervention. Yep! Thems’ were the days!

jimmy scoresGreaves scoring record for Chelsea was nothing short of phenomenal!– 132 goals in 169 games

I think Greavsy scored again that day. I hated him scoring against us he was so good, the perfect striker! Always gave me a sinking feeling like a fisherman must feel when he sees a blue marlin or something really good swim past his boat having busted his line after a 2 hour struggle to land him…. The one who got away – ‘Jimmy Greaves’ should be a Chelsea LEGEND and isn’t it true we could have bought him back from AC Milan when he was desperate to get back to England and before Spurs got their evil hands on him? …What other REALLY big fish have we let go????

greaves milanIn Jimmy’s early days the maximum wage for footballers in England was £20 per week. Greavsy went to Milan to earn his fortune but was sold against his will and hated it, yet he still managed to notch 9 goals in only 12 games he played for the Serie A club.

Greaves scores in milan

Disillusioned, he returned mid-season to England and the Spurs, where in the remaining 4/5 months he scored 21 goals in 22 games. After 9 years at White Hart Lane he finished their record all-time goal scorer. In a career of 602 games Jimmy scored 422 goals but nowhere was his average higher than at ‘the Blues’ where he slotted an incredible 4 goals in every 5 games he played for us. Please tell me why he is not revered as a Chelsea legend especially when we had the chance to buy him back and ‘passed’???

greaves at spurs

Greavsy the complete striker!

– He had the early spark of a young Michael Owen, the killer instinct of a top form Rush or Fowler and the finesse of Bergkamp, Anelka or Van Basten – I have never seen a more exciting or lethal finisher – a true footballing genie – Alf shudda’ played him in ’66 instead of that dour cart horse Roger Hunt – He would not have let us down – In my opinion this was Sir Alf’s only mistake! And by the way, substitute Greavesy for Hunt and had he lived, Duncan Edwards, for the irrepressible Nobby Stiles and that England team of 1966 would have been totally and truly immense.

~ edenbray

Happy daze – kids were passed over the crowd by a sea of hands!

This post was first published on Facebook 25.07.10 re-posted as it has merit!  ~ edenbray 23.07.11 (by coincidence virtually 12 months later – bit wierd) and now re-edited and re-posted 0nWednesday 07.08.13 (not wierd!)


gina lollabridgida’s dress

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