Things have quieted down at the Bridge for the moment … the media monster has turned its savage attention on Arsene and the sorry Gooners after their recent debacles … but don’t get too cosy fellow blues-men. The vultures could well return sooner than we might think as the jury, as they say, is still a long time out on the Spanish waiter … his ‘come and get me’ ‘cap in hand’ cry to the bosses at Real was not very classy …

… I was not originally one of the ‘You are not welcome at Stamford Bridge’ brigade but the longer this season progresses the more I feel Roman must get our manager for next season ‘sorted’ as it’s looking to me that the choice of Rafa Benitez – Mr Abramovich’s decision to appoint an ‘interim’ manager – might well prove to be his worst ever football decision .. the fans are disillusioned … the players including some great, great new talent, are not performing … our champions league future is in doubt and Thursday football could well provide the death knell for our season … Too many games leading to injuries and I’m betting Rafa will want to win this one more than any to improve his European CV …

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