Definition of a ‘Little DIAMOND’ ~ “Come on you….”


TOMMY DOC ~ For me, Chelsea's emergence as a serious contender began with this man!

THOMAS HENDERSON DOCHERTY was born 24 April 1928 in the Gorbals, Glasgow. He was almost a ‘Mourinho’ of his day without similar amazing success. Beginning his managerial career while only 34 years of age, he was outspoken, controversial, unafraid to change things and embrace new coaching techniques. He managed CHELSEA from June 1962 until October 1967 and during just 6 years he completely changed the perception of the club from mediocre mid-table also-rans known quaintly as ‘the Pensioners’ to a go-ahead club who would challenge for top Trophies, play in Europe and attract ‘big name’ players. After gaining an immediate promotion using a squad of developing young players and just a few carefully chosen signings, the Doc changed our nickname to the ‘Blues’, chose blues shorts for our strip to emulate Real Madrid and a new badge to signify our new ‘ambition’ and expectations. Chelsea, Leeds and Liverpool were to become the ‘big 3’ of the day and for most of the sixties and early 70’s and ‘the Blues’ despite failing to win a sufficient number of rewards topped the League regularly and earned a reputation as a top ‘Cups’ team. Docherty’s legacy was to build a foundation for the club we know today. He broke the mould and started the ball rolling, heralded the arrival of a new super-power in English and European football. His young guns team that included players like Bonetti, Shellito, McCreadie, Hollins, Harris, Murray, Graham, Bridges, Venables. Tambling and later the mercurial Peter Osgood were known as ‘Docherty’s Diamonds’, a name he liked and used himself until in 1967 he resigned. ‘Tommy Doc’ probably never achieved the success he should have in a long managerial career that included spells with many top teams and yet at Chelsea he is still remembered with much fondness as the coach who single-handedly, birthed Chelsea’s post-modern emergence as a top, top football team.

Quote by ‘Doc’ during Chelsea v Leeds 1964-1965 season after Chelsea took the lead. ‘Come on my little DIAMONDS they’ll have to open out now’. Hence, the name DIAMONDS which cites for me the beginning of our modern-day success.

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