When we was young ~ Sheddite Stories – 01

Okay time for another recall – We were at Northampton! Yer Northampton WERE in the TOP LEAGUE – its true! As usual Chelsea sheddites got bit of a police presence through town to their crappy little ground with like wooden huts for the turnstiles BUT after the game somehow we got away from escort and made it to the train station really fast only to find for some strange reason there was no one there except the CHELSEA boys themselves – John Hollins, Terry Venables, Peter Bonetti, Barry Bridges the lot!.. All dressed in their fine 60s mohair suits, looking pucker and with their hair still wet chatting to the Chelsea fans as they arrived – Superb!!

 They went on a special carriage of course while we fans roughed it as usual 4 to a seat (nothing changed there then!?*!) I never understood how they got there so quick except that in those days you would play same team over Christmas and Easter periods home and away. I know it was only a day or two later we played Town at Stamford Bridge. Might have been Boxing Day even. Anyway it was totally crap game both teams looked like they wanted to be at home with the family. However Barry Bridges won game with a brilliant overhead kick after a corner! Not been too many overhead kick goals from Chelsea players so your mission is to record here ones you can remember. ALSO Anyone there on the station that day in about ’65 and can anyone say how they got there so quickly – I wonder if Hollo’ remembers it or my favourite England manager – Sir Terence Venables!

chelsea fc in the mid sixties

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2 Responses to When we was young ~ Sheddite Stories – 01

  1. Steve E says:

    I’ll get things started on overhead kick goals – Gotta love and remember Eidur’s superb effort from Lampard corner v Leeds – 7 years ago? maybe – luvvin that!
    Leave a comment with some more – you know you want to ….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Going back further, how about Bert Murray’s very precise overhead kick against Peterborough in the 6th round of the FA Cup in season 1964/65 ?? SL from NZ

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