Can anyone really explain why Liverpool fans are so bitter and twisted?!

There are surely no more insular, paranoid, reactionary, chip on the shoulder, ‘football owes us success’ group of football fans on the face of the planet.

Finding a rational, balanced, open-minded and self analysing Liverpool fan is like finding an empty syringe in the Spion Kop on a Saturday afternoon on game day.

True, Liverpool have a marvellous and rich heritage based largely on a 20+ year period of unprecedented success domestically and in Europe. True, they have suffered more than a fair share of tragedy in the past but other clubs have known tragedy!

True that on certain game nights they do produce a wonderful stadium atmosphere. So do others however and one wonders whether the endemic hostility ‘Pool’ fans feel toward the football world doesn’t in part contribute to the atmosphere they create. They seem to say ‘Why cant we still be the best, respect us, respect us why don’t you?   No, okay then we’ll make you by making a lot of noise even when we don’t win anything.  See, huh!’

So now Fernando has crossed the mighty ‘spirit of Anfield’ and ‘it’ is not happy. No one is remembering how much they loved him when he scored those many inspired and important goals. No one that is except Chelsea fans who actually have at least 7 more reasons to be oh so bitter with Fernando.

His image is being torn from the memories of young Liverpool fans who were oh so happy to open their Torres shirt parcels on Christmas mornings for the past three years. ‘Hey, son lets get that shirt I gave you and burn it’. The behaviour of certain Liverpool fans has been nothing short of disgraceful but it is endemic only of the introverted, blinkered thinking prevalent in the club.

No one is thinking about the discretion El Torro apparently showed when an earlier Chelsea bid of £35,000,000 was made for him in June of last year and he was asked to wait till the sale of the club was completed as his departure might de-stabilise the deal. He deferred out of respect for the club and waited for a more suitable occasion. When the chance came for him to join the club who have been chasing him since Roman Abramovich arrived at Chelsea and well before Liverpool, he was obviously interested.

Pity Dalgliesh couldn’t set the record straight by reminding Liverpool fans of this, thanking ‘FT’ for all he had done and wishing him all the best in his after game interview at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. Instead of perpetuating the Anfield myth and thereby condoning the unbalanced hatred of a seemingly nice lad by self congratulatory smug remarks suggesting Liverpool’s current players whether home grown or imported mercenary would die for the shirt they wear now poor ole Rafa and Roy have been gotten rid and Fernando has deffected (the ridicilous word used by Martin Tyler repeatedly in his commentary on Sunday). Dalgliesh, despite his low key persona and unintelligible Glasgow scrawl is still the master of  ‘bigging’ himself up. He should suit Sir Alex well across in Manc land, excellent bed fellows up in the oh so deprived north.

Lets not get things too twisted sister – Liverpool’s football was not that exciting to watch. They played well but hey they only won by a short head against a very poor performing Chelsea. They are not going to win the title anytime soon or even make Champions League this year, not for me anyway.

While commenting on bad attitudes among football fans lets not forget to point a finger or 35,000 at three sides of Stamford Bridge on Sunday. While Chelsea’s away support continues to be one of the very best in the Premier League it has to be said most home games are embarrassing. If Liverpool fans have got a serious problem so have our lot.

The tv shots of miserable, deflated, shell-shocked pale-faced Chelsea fans wearing their blue on Sunday reminded me of fancy dress guests waiting for a late taxi home in the wet and cold night air and already suffering hangovers. I wasn’t there but I would love to have got a ticket. I hope I would have provided a slightly more inspiring vision to the players on the pitch than some of the spoilt, anaemic and dull specimens Sky chose to present to the football world. I think maybe a dose of what Liverpool’s travelling hordes were shooting up on wouldn’t do us any harm after all.

Thats another sad story to tell however. For today, I just don’t get Liverpool fans and their bitter and twisted attitude and for me Dalgliesh might still take them back 20 years but I’ve been wrong before and to think of it thats probably what Liverpool fans would like anyway. So maybe ‘King Kenny’ actually is the new Doctor Who who can reverse Anfield fortunes by a ‘back in time’ trip. I just wish they could lose their sod-awful attitude.

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